Sustainably Connecting 2020

Sustainability at Scottish Tourism Week

We like to put on a show during Scottish Tourism Week – but we try to make sure the lasting impact is a positive one.

With sustainable tourism a key capability needed to hit the aims of Tourism Scotland 2020, we drew up a checklist to keep us on the right track. You can take a look at it here

In line with the focused work of the sustainability framework, here’s what we are doing on transport, inclusion and food waste.


We’re encouraging everyone to travel to the Signature Conference using sustainable transport options. Try out the widget to see how you can let the car have a day off.

Inclusive tourism

Crowne Plaza, SEC Centre and Glasgow Science Centre, our venues during the Signature Conference, are conscious of the need to support all guests regardless of capability. Check out their accessibility statements below.

Crowne Plaza

SEC Centre

Glasgow Science Centre

Food waste

We’re working with our venues to make sure they take steps to keep food waste to a minimum.  Working with local suppliers is one of the ways we’re doing that. We’re also measuring the levels of food waste we create so that we can try to reduce it next time. For the unavoidable stuff (because no one wants to eat egg shells and bones) we’re asking them to recycle it and make sure it doesn’t end up in landfill.

Why not join in and see what you can do? Check out the info sheets here for suggestions on actions you can take to make your tourism business more sustainable.

Lots of little changes that mount up to making a big difference to people and planet – and save us some pennies too.