Communications toolkit

A guide to Scottish Tourism Month, some suggested promotional wording about the event for you to use in your online and printed material, logos and free images. 

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Scottish Tourism Month Key Messages


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Get involved

List your event as an official Scottish Tourism Month event

1.  Click here to register details of your event 

2.  Once your event has been approved, you can crack on with the promotion!


Promote your event 

1.  Simply share the Scottish Tourism Month Event calendar via Twitter/Facebook/LinkedIn (view our sample tweets below)

2.  Add photos/videos to your posts (adding a photos boots RTs and shares)

3.  Use the official STM 2018 Roadshow Event logo

3.  Use the official STM hashtag #STM2018

4.  Like, RT and share STM related content from other organisations to increase engagement

5.  Be timely in responding to those who interact with your posts (a thank you goes a long way on social media!)

6.  Make sure you are following your delegates and speakers where possible (and of course the STA and other national tourism industry and sectoral bodies)


Suggested tweets

We are proud to support #STM2018 - tourism really is everybody's business and we all have an important part to play in growing our industry for the future. #TS2020

Tourism is our pride, our passion, our heritage and our future.  Celebrate the enormous contribution our businesses make to Scotland's tourism industry and be part of Scottish Tourism Month - #STM2018 #scottishtourism #ourprideandpassion #heritageandfuture

Connect, engage and get an insight into Scotland's future tourism industry at the STA Signature Conference on 1 March @SECCGgow - #STM2018 #futuregeneration

This Scottish Tourism Month get closer to your customer, improve your digital capability, cut costs and improve your bottom line, get the financial support you need, connect and collaborate. Find out more here - #STM2018 #Big5Q #growyourbusiness

Tourism Facts & Figures

1.  Scotland’s tourism sector is worth £11bn in spend, representing 4.5% of Scotland’s economy.

2.  Scotland’s tourism sector employs over 217,000 people.

3.  There are estimated to be over 14,000 tourism enterprises in Scotland.

4.  The Office of National Statistics figures showed the number of trips by international visitors rose by 6 per cent in 2016, with a 9 per cent rise in spending. International spend for Q1 & Q2 of 2017 has increased by 35% on the same period in 2016.

5.  More than 707,000 American tourists visited Scotland in 2016-17, spending £738m - a 48 per cent jump compared to £495 million the previous year.