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Tourism Month is an evolution of the traditional Scottish Tourism Week which has taken place in March for the past 12 years.  The 2017 event saw over 11,000 people engaged in Scotland’s tourism conversation at events taking place all over the country and as part of the STA Signature Programme in Glasgow.  For the first time, the annual event became a nine-day ‘week’.

STW 2017 showed us that there is clearly an appetite for industry events to be staged, and a desire by industry colleagues to meet, mingle and learn. However at a time of year when many businesses are in planning mode before the busy season starts, we recognised that balancing time out of the business to attend events both at local and national level with being back at base preparing for the start of the season is challenging for many tourism businesses.

With Tourism Week having grown in popularity over the last few years, attracting an increasing number of businesses and individuals to the events all over Scotland, we felt that a solution was needed which presented greater opportunity for more people to attend a multiple of events over the course of a month than a week.

A bold but natural step for an industry as ambitious as ours and from our nine-day week grew our 31-day month!

Tourism Month Objectives

·          To communicate the key messages around the four TS2020 growth priorities and engage businesses in each of these areas

·          Raise awareness of issues which affect the sustainability of Scotland’s tourism industry

·          Encourage collaboration and networking between tourism organisations in Scotland

·          Highlight the opportunities we have to grow our industry

·          Raise awareness of the support available to tourism businesses from public and private sector partners

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